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Redrains Font

Redrains Font

Redrains is an elegant font, which is classified as serif type that has the touch of both old and new school. It provides nine types of weight to choose from, coupled with numerous alternates and ligatures to match every letter. This versatility guarantees that a stylistic presentation for your presentations, logos, and other design projects is not only exceptional but can stand out in their disproportionate.

The three styles practised at Redrains mean that the firm can accommodate the structure to a number of designs. You will able to add more script font collections effortlessly to your work and it gives a classy look. Nevertheless, even if the outlines are detailed, Redrains can work as an individual font – ideal for designing unique invitations to a wedding ceremony, building a powerful brand image, and for other purposes.

Redrains compatibility with other languages as more than one language support option makes the software suitable for the international market. Also, it has PUA (Private Use Area) encoded, where one can reach all glyphs and swashes through character maps and viewers in numerous operating systems. This feature greatly expands the creativity in designing, allowing the designers to develop and utilize the functionalities of the font freely.

For the traditionalists, there is the classic redesign, and for those preferring innovation, Redrains has the right tools to set the scene and enable impressive creations.

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