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Requila Font


Make your designs elegant with Requila – a vintage serif font that will give a classy look to your work. Whether it is an invitation, a book, a brand, a logo, a t-shirt, a poster, or any other design, Requila will give elegance to your work. This font is universal and comprises a full character set, including upper and lower case letters, numerals, punctuation marks, ligatures, and a wealth of accented and other special characters.

For smooth integration into different platforms and applications, Requila Font is available in OTF, TTF, and WEBFONT formats. The fine detail of the serifs and the smooth forms of the letters make it suitable for premium branding, publishing design and beautiful paper-based goods. Also, the font adds retro vibes to the designs and is suitable for both modern and traditional styles, which gives a touch of classic elegance and current trends.

Requila’s rich character set and numerous format choices ensure that designers are able to come up with appealing and consistent visuals whether on digital or print media. Whether it is a complex logo, an artistic poster, or an enticing book cover, Requila can help you achieve the look you need for your designs. Give a new look to your designs with the vintage and sophistication of Requila!

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