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Rossanova Font

Rossanova Font

Rossanova is a semi-serif font family that is suitable for almost any project, designed with care and attention to detail. This is a library of 36 fonts with two optical sizes and eight weights from ultra light to black with corresponding italics. The different types within the Rossanova font style allow for flexibility in use, thus making it suitable for both display and text purposes.

Rossanova has a beautiful personality that is visible through the high contrast of the normal optical style and moderate contrast of the text styles. Thus, the given approach to type design guarantees not only the esthetic appeal of the font but also its legibility, which makes it appropriate for headlines and text in equal measure.

The font family comprises more than 470 carefully crafted glyphs, thus ensuring a rich assortment of linguistic support and typographic possibilities. All the glyphs used in Rossanova are capable of providing OpenType features such as stylistic set, ligatures, discretionary ligatures, old-style figures and varying figures. These features allow designers to fine-tune and refine their typography, perhaps adding personality to their work in the process.

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