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Sailing Club Font

Sailing Club Font

Introducing Sailing Club – a new nostalgic serif font revival that will make you want to steal your all mom’s vintage college sweatshirts.

I’ve been loving how the 90s and early 00s are returning, and I can’t stop thinking about the sweatshirts you’d see Princess Diana wear around with bike shorts (plus, my dad gave me a vintage sweatshirt that is always and forever a go-to).

Sailing Club is a beautifully nostalgic upper and lowercase typeface that works best as a focal display text (think logos, headers, pretty quotes, calls to action, etc.).

The upper and lowercase letters give it great versatility, but I can’t get over all tightly kerned caps. It’s too good.

I’ve also been loving combining the regular and italic, especially in cool, more extended quotes (see the “Join Us” graphic, image #5)

One thing to note about Sailing Club is the letter spacing. It was spaced for clean reading and intentional balance, so I recommend setting the spacing a little tighter to create the all-caps display look found in many of these images (around -20 to -35 should do!).

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