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San de More Font

San de More Font

San de More is a Stylish Serif font that combines the taste of summer themes, motivating us to develop a product to help you select fonts for your designs. The preview highlighted above highlights how the fonts will blend into your design, as shown below.

Established in 5 weights with both italic and regular options, San de More only caters for your needs in regard to your creativity. Coordinate different elements within and across spaces without fear of encountering design conflicts.

There is no need for special software to input the standard characters of the typeface as in the case of the font mentioned above. For working with the Opentype Ligatures and Alternates, one needs to have software that supports the Opentype features in the fonts.

San de More Font is ideal for any form of projects including the weddings invitations, social media promotion, branding and editorial purposes. Its contemporary look can therefore be appropriate for projects that should have an elegant and stylish appeal.

The font is good for summer because, overall, it gives a fresh look to your designs and separates them from the rest. Regardless of whether you are designing a flyer for a beach event, a fashionable magazine or a bottle label to a luxurious product San de More is a perfect addition of style and modern spirit.

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