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Sentinel Font

Sentinel Font

Sentinel, the slab serif font, is designed to answer your questions. If you ever missed italics in your Clarendon, wanted fatter versions of your favorite slab serif, or looked for a robust slab serif in text and other formats, Sentinel is the solution.

First, slab serifs functioned as witty novelties of an alleyway among other typical serifs found in books. However, addresses arouse questions about letter shapes and too small family composition, which are the neighborhood’s flaws. On the other hand, they added value to the neighborhood. That meant that, over time, 3 designs of various typefaces, but with some shortcomings, were being used. Building on all the remarkable achievements that came before our project, we have now created the satellite, which we have named Sentinel.

Geometric slab serifs, to which round capital O’s and similar stroke weights are their sorts of limitations to H, require a new edition to alter their weight range. Such restriction arises from structural complexities inherent in letters like “a” and “e,” as well as “g.” Sentinel addresses those difficulties, promoting a complete family usable in texts and displays.

Unhindered by the limitations of the traditional patterns, Sentinel depicts the ancient style of architecture from the modern view while grafting contemporary details to it. It covers limitations of Clarendons and Geometrics by giving the advantage of possessing an extensive range of styles, including Light to Black, so quality and consistency reach is above.

Sentinel is a micro-dot font in two sizes, an extremely short-range figure fit for crosswalk text and downline. Distinctively, this implies that it is, along with italics, precisely crafted in all weights of this typeface that stands out, making it its distinguishing feature.

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