Stag Sans Font

Stag Sans Font

Creator Christian Schwartz created Stag Sans in 2005 for the US version of Esquire. Since its release in 2007, the families have grown to be among our most well-liked collections. We started working with Russian type designer Ilya Ruderman in Moscow (who also drew the delicate Austin Cyrillic) and Greek type designer Panos Haratzopoulos outside of Athens in 2012 after receiving numerous requests for Cyrillic and Greek support for these families.

The end result is Greek and Cyrillic versions of Stag Sans that complement Schwartz’s original Latin version without being unduly Westernized or overly respectful of historical customs. They also reflect modern type design conventions and approaches in Greece and other Cyrillic-using countries. With Stag Sans, there are now more typefaces that support native Bulgarian and Serbian Cyrillic, which differ greatly from their Russian counterparts. This is a small but growing collection.

Stag Sans can be licensed in two versions: one that supports Greek or Cyrillic characters, and the other that supports all three alphabets, called “LCG” (for “Latin/Cyrillic/Greek”). All of the languages that our standard Latin character set covers are supported by all three versions. Finding the ideal balance between the rounded terminals that link the companion sans to the original Stag and the blunt terminals that give the family a no-nonsense muscularity was difficult because Stag is known for many unique details. At text sizes, the final sans is not distracting, but it is interesting in headlines.

Thin, Thin Italic, Light, Light Italic, Book, Book Italic, Medium, Medium Italic, Semibold, Semibold Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Black, and Black Italic.

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