Stay Classy Font

Stay Classy Font

Stay Classy! …with the suave new Stay Classy Font Duo consisting of a sophisticated signature-style script, and an elegant, classy, all-caps serif font. With impeccably refined curves and silky smooth edges, the Stay Classy Font Duo is perfect for adding a classy, modern touch to your projects. Perfect for branding, weddings, social media, product design, stationery and advertising – Stay Classy is versatile enough to add that elegant element to just about any project where a special touch of class is required. THE SCRIPT : To make the script appear as natural as possible in your designs , I have included 2 sets of OpenType stylistic lowercase alternates – one of which includes the elegant end letters. Words look more naturally finished off if end letters are formed with a subtle up-curve. Last but certainly not least, a large selection of 30 carefully styled character ligatures ( letter combinations ) have also been built in ( see previews above ) . For those after a more rustic, original look. THE SERIF : The Serif includes carefully constructed built-in OpenType kerning pairs to ensure impeccable letter spacing throughout the font. Typically, in any all-caps serif font, there are certain letter pairs (such as OV AW AT AY AV WO and many more ) that often look incorrectly spaced when coupled together, due to their natural dimensions. Built-in OpenType kerning pairs eliminate this issue – meaning perfectly balanced letter spacing no matter what you type.

Stay Classy Duo Serif


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