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Meet TAN AEGEAN font, a striking typeface envisioned after the mesmerizing appeal of the Aegean Sea. This special font merges the serene beauty of the Aegean region and the valuable cultural heritage into a typographic experience which is very distinct and outstanding.

TAN AEGEAN Font is a blend of the classic and the modern, which creates a sense of sophistication and tranquility. Apart from its ability to be used for both formal and informal designs ranging from branding, packaging, editorial layouts and signage, the swiss typeface is an all-around champion.

Besides Classes of weights and styles like regular, bold, italic and so on, TAN AEGEAN Font can be used in multiple projects due to its versatility. No matter if you are creating elegant invitations for a wedding at the seaside or designing sleek branding for a luxury resort, this font will always be there for you.

Adopt the ephemeral charm of the Aegean Sea with TAN AEGEAN Font and take your designs to a new level of entepicality and splendor.

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