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TAN ANGLETON is an elegant combination of serif and serif-italic font. It is classy and the perfect match if you need something modestly stylish. Its high legibility makes it versatile for use as a display type or body copy.

The TAN ANGLETON serif font variant exemplifies old-fashioned elegance with its gentle curves and balanced proportions. Its noble appearance attracts attention without being too overwhelming, making it ideal for headlines, logos, and other prominent design elements where elegance is the most important factor.

On the contrary, the serif-italic font adds a slight twist, thus giving the font a bit of modern flair. The slanted strokes show the feeling of speed and movement; thus, they can add energy and personality to any text. TAN—ANGLETON, a serif-italic style, is used for emphasis in body copy or as a standalone design element, and thus, sophisticatedness is added to any project.

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