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The Legend Font

The Legend Font

This hand-crafted font trio was inspired by traditional American typography and lifestyle. The collection includes Script, Sans, and Serif, which perfectly cooperate to create a vintage mood. I designed some examples below so you can see how they work together. It can be used for different purposes: lettering and logotype, labels, t-shirts, product packaging, invitations, advertising, and any key text in the design.

The Legend Script has beautiful alternates for uppercase and numbers, 12-length end-swashes, and a special short version for lowercase characters with protruding elements like b, d, f, g, h, etc. (It helps to arrange words in two lines more compactly).

The Legend Sans and Serif were designed as secondary and additional fonts after Script, but in the process of using them, I realized that they also look great as a priority. All these fonts have a rough effect because of the brush painting beginning.

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