Thoriq Font

Thoriq Font

Introducing our new font which is signature style. monoline looks like writing with a ‘Rollerball pen’. We give the name this font Thoriq. Thoriq means path, pattern or way. its analogized from the way people write with bold and definite strokes.

The font consists of a lowercase, uppercase and swash with a strong character so it is suitable for use for brand logos, you can print it on t-shirts, cards, posters and other merchandises.

We also created a special font that consists of a beginning and ending swash only, uppercase is a beginning swash while lowercase is an ending swash, this is so that you can easily apply it to online media, such as web banners and digital signatures.

Also equipped with ligatures to add a natural writing impression.

You want to write a quick note or quote, come on… this is the right choice


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