Tipique Font

Tipique Font

This font looks familiar, but it’s not Futura! Tipique Regular is a carefully crafted revival of an early 1930s sans designed in the spirit of geometric Bauhaus typefaces. Like its cousins Erbar, Futura, Spartan, Kabel and others, Tipique’s original characters were initially cut in metal. But until now, no updated digital adaptation of this particular face’s printed forms has been released.

Tipique has been waiting for you for 90 years!

This faithful revival excels in both retro-inspired & modern designs. Use Tipique in logos, business cards, and letterhead to give your brand a fresh feel. Design-inspired product & food packaging, restaurant menus and more! Experiment with select alternate cuts of G, J, M, Q, W, Y, a, e, g, i, j, r t and u (and appropriate diacritics). The included ff, ffi, ffl, ft and tt ligatures assist in typesetting longer blocks of text.

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