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Tokyo Dreams Font

Tokyo Dreams Font

Introducing Tokyo Dreams: A multi-faceted Serif Display typeface with three different styles: An elegant minimal serif, a ligature rich headline font, and a hybrid mix of serif and script letters. With a whopping total of 99 unique ligatures, it’s easy to achieve custom typography for stunning logos, headlines, and quotes. Type in all lowercase in the type tester to try it out!

The hybrid personality of Tokyo Dreams mixes script letters among serif – script letters can be inserted anywhere in the word to create unique logos and display titles, contained as stylistic alternates in the main font or easily accessed via uppercase in the hybrid font.

There’s beauty in the plain version of Tokyo Dreams, even without all the extras, for a clean and elegant minimal serif. Any version of Tokyo Dreams brings a touch of luxury and bespoke custom typography to modern logos, websites, social media quotes, wedding branding, and more.

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