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TT Ramillas Font

TT Ramillas Font

TT Ramillas is a modern font with high contrasting transitional serif, finely tuned to the current technical requirements. The objective of this project is to design a modern serif font with perfectly geometrical forms, sharp contrasts and meticulously designed characters.

That is why TT Ramillas Font have such characteristics as high contrast, small flared serifs, variable oval slopes, open apertures, and contrasting thin nodules without drops. It comes with features such as a flame-like stroke in the lower-case “b”, a special “tongue” in the letters Ээ, thin flexible legs in Кк, Жж, Яя and an interesting upper terminus in the letter a.

TT Ramillas Comes with:

  • 25 Styles
  • 7 True Italics
  • 4 Decorative Styles
  • 7 Initial Styles
  • 900 glyphs in each style (except outline styles)
  • Support for more than 180+ languages: extended Latin, Cyrillic*
  • 25 OpenType features in each style (except outline styles): small capitals, ligatures, old-style figures, arrows and other useful features


One of the striking features about the TT Ramillas family is that it includes individual styles made up of initials only. Originally, initials were applied in the structure of books and denoted the start of chapters or other divisions. You can use these initials in the conventional manner at the beginning of a chapter or utilize this logo design in headline, large caption, or even logos. TT Ramillas initials express further Latin languages along with simple Cyrillic. Moreover, TT Ramillas Initials contains figure designs that made to match the initials and create a harmonious and exquisite addition to your typography.

TT Ramillas is perfect for use in magazines, in the fashion industry, in the branding of premium goods and services. TT Ramillas is quite versatile and suitable for use both in headings and in text arrays. In addition, we have done manual hinting in the typeface, and now it can be used with a clear conscience in the web and applications.

In the process of working on TT Ramillas, we wanted to expand the functionality of the typeface a little more, and thus, after a few experiments, two pairs of decorative fonts were born: Outline, Decor and their oblique versions. These decorative fonts work great for headlines and bold accent lettering. We thought that in these decorative fonts, small caps and some specific features would not be needed, otherwise the composition of decorative fonts is identical to the basic ones.


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