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Valery Font

Valery Font

Valery is a modern, classy serif font with serif applications that give it a luxurious feel. The main features of this font are clear and original lettering shapes and smooth curves. It is designed to get noticed and add a touch of class to any project with its chic and charm.

Valery is a font that is suitable for many occasions and suitable in any project as desired. Due to its elegance, it is suitable for use in editorial works, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of magazines, and articles’ titles and sub-titles. Leveraging Valery for logo design becomes a breeze owing to its uniqueness and elegant representation that makes the brand easily memorable.

For special events, it is best to use Valery for wedding invitations and stationery as it exudes a romantic and formal look. Clothing branding is elegant, giving labels and tags a sophisticated look and feel that adds value to the product. Valery, perhaps unsurprisingly, also brings product packaging to a new level, creating a premium image that will attract informed consumers.

Valery is the perfect font for any print or web project because it is versatile and will make your designs look great. Add it as decorative text on top of any image, and you will see how it complements the main image with its gentle curves and elegant typography. Learn from masters such as Valery and incorporate the lessons you learn into your design concepts.

What’s you get :

Full Uppercase & Lowercase Character.
Numeral, Punctuation, Multilingual Accents.
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