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Very Vogue Font

Very Vogue Font

Based on glamourous fashion magazines from the 1980s and beyond and dripping with class and pizazz, say hello to the new ‘Very Vogue’ Serif family! Classic and refined, and the epitome of style, the Very Vogue Serif Family has soft curves and attention to detail, making the Very Vogue Display Serif a must for any projects requiring that upper level of class.

The design of this font is incredible as it has been carefully assembled to communicate the fabulousness associated with fashion; the font is inspired by Vogue magazine typography. It is intricate lettering carefully crafted to project the feeling of smoothness and resilience, for which Very Vogue is renowned as a perfect font for editors, invitations to fashion shows, and advertising campaigns.

Whether projecting a chic logo for a couture line, producing elegant invitations for any black-tie affair, or simply giving your work a vogue flavor, Very Vogue makes your work look smart and alluring at any given chance. Through a perfect mix of high-quality design and sophisticated artistry to make an excellent piece of work, Very Vogue is a font you can use to deliver timeless beauty.

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