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Volgarie Font

Volgarie Font

Volgarie – Modern Serif Font, Boho Font, Milenial Font, Canva Font, Procreate Font, Cricut Font, Logo Font, Branding Font, Elegant Font, Luxury Font.

We proudly present our new Volgarie Font; This is a modern font with an elegant style suitable for branding logos, invitations, headings, and many other uses.

  • Volgarie .otf
  • Volgarie .ttf
  • Volgarie .woff
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Features :

Multilingual Uppercase alphabet A-Z Lowercase alphabet a-z Alternate Character Numbers 0-9 Some punctuation

NOTE: All the characters are also available and can be found in the Adobe Illustrator Glyphs Panel or in Adobe Photoshop Character Open Type Panel.

HOW TO USE FONT : ((linking letters, curls, hearts, flourishes, diamonds)

For the first, install the . of file and open font book/character map, look for the font, and then you can copy and paste the heart letters from font book/character map to your text.

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