Wakatobi – Ultra Condensed Font

Wakatobi - Ultra Condensed Font

Introducing Wakatobi, our newest font creation that exudes power and beauty through its condensed sans serif display. With a distinctive character and unique form, Wakatobi is a formidable typeface designed to captivate attention. Ideal for magazine spreads, covers, and posters in large print, this massive font is tailored for titles and wide spaces. Specifically crafted for covers and posters, Wakatobi ensures it doesn’t go unnoticed, making a bold impact without compromising style or legibility. Whether in large-scale designs or smaller point sizes, Wakatobi stands out, delivering a visual punch that resonates with both impact and elegance.


Open glyphs panel:

In Adobe Photoshop go to Window – glyphs

In Adobe Illustrator go to Type – glyphs

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