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Wallington Pro Font

Wallington Pro Font

Wallington Pro is a serif font with both vintage appeal and all current contemporary aspects to it. Taking cues from the ornamental designs and round motifs that were popular in the mid-twelfth century Old English and the Art Nouveau Style of the late nineteenth century, this font is very legible and exquisitely designed.

Serving up 721 glyphs, 268 of which are discretionary ligatures, 30 catchwords, and 10 stylistic sets, Wallington Pro is a creativity factory together with a variety pack. Discover cool Options of OpenType such as ligatures, contextual, and alternative, as well as old-style numbers for exciting layouts. It’s time for many exciting changes so cut and paste letters as you wish and get creative with your work.

The different stylistic sets available entail alternate alphabets available through OpenType technology in editorials like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, AffinityDesigner, CorelDraw, or InDesign. (Note: Applications which do not have the capability to handle OTF format will not have access to any associated features. )

This uniquely distressed font is quite appropriate for digital designs as well as print media, logos, posters, t-shirts, packaging, and any other graphic design purposes. L et Wallington Pro enrich your designs with values that capture the best of history and contemporariness.

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