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Wooderson Font

Wooderson Font

This typeface comes with five different styles to make sure you have enough variety and creativity for your designs. The Crisp style is best for those who want to achieve clear and precise edges, suitable for modern and accurate designs. For those who want less sharp angles and more curves, the Soft style brings in some tenderness to the design. The Chiseled style has a more angular roughness, which adds a sense of toughness and aggression to the design. Rough style provides a smoother rough look while still giving a natural appearance and making it easily readable. The last one, the Distressed is an antique style that creates a worn out look without having to distress it manually, useful for imparting a worn out look to your designs.

Using in Projects

Wooderson also offers a number of extra features to help you get the most out of your designs. The typeface includes a set of ornaments, which will help you to empower your text and give it a special flair. It has alternate styles caps that add variety and versatility to your typography, perfect for making effective headlines and titles. Small caps and alternate small caps are useful for maintaining consistency and design in body text or subheadings and offer even more versatility. Furthermore, discretionary ligatures are done on purpose to enhance the appearance of abbreviations and concise words to make your text aesthetically appealing.

Ideal for branding, packaging, or posters, social media graphics, and other uses, Wooderson’s handmade texture and various designs complement any project. Wooderson can help you achieve the look you want whether you are going for a clean, contemporary design or a worn, retro feel. Get Wooderson font and begin to enhance your works with the distinctive touch of the handmade lettering.

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